The Ultimate Guide to Cosmo Slots Cash War Games Online

The Ultimate Guide to Cosmo Slots Cash War Games Online

19th, Oct 2022 | SEOTeam

This free online Online Slot Games focuses on the characters & a few events of the movie "Bahubali. " This game will celebrate the romanticism & warrior aspect of the famous film "Bahubali. " The bonus game will feature the events of the Baahubali movie. 

How and Where to Play online 

CosmoSlot's Cash War is an online social casino game that takes you to the royal empire of Amrendra Bahubali. This casino slot game offers you a lucid experience of playing online slot games and winning great prizes. The main objective of this online slot game is the spin wheel, which delivers exciting rewards at every spin.  

Benefits of playing Cosmo Slots Cash War Game  

CosmoSlots' Cash War comprises icons and themes that take you to the kingdom of Bahubali. This game will be played on 50 pay lines and is considered one of the top online casinos. Wild Icon alternates with any other icon except Scatter and Bonus. At least 3 Scatter symbols on the reel trigger free spins. 

This mask icon works as a dynamic icon in this slot game. Whenever a minimum of 3 Mask symbols appears anywhere on the slot machine, all the dynamic icons at that specific moment will reveal either "Mahishmati's Crown" icon or "Devasena" icon or Mahishmati's Symbol, but not a combination of "Mahishmati Crown" icon, Mahishmati's Symbol & "Devasena" icons all at the same time.  

When the dynamic icons (Mask Icon) reveal this bonus icon 1 (Mahishmati's Flag Symbol), the same results in players playing Bonus Game 1.  

Whenever the animated icons (Mask Icon) reveal this bonus icon 2 (Devasena), the same results in players playing Bonus Game 2.  

Every time the animated icons (Mask Icon) reveal this bonus icon 3 (Mahishmati's Crown), the same results in players playing Bonus Game 3.  

Normal or Base Gameplay The normal gameplay of the Baahubali slot game will be played in the background of Mahishmati Palace. Where the slot game with slot reels will be available for play.  

The following images are for reference purposes only of the Baahubali slot game. Thus a few of the components of the slot game might be missing there. You may ignore the same. To reiterate, the following images are only for understanding the Background & slot theme.  

Our Cosmo Slots Cash War Bonus Game Guide  

The most exciting part of CosmoSlots' Cash War social casino games game is its bonus game, specifically designed based on one of the scenes of the famous Bahubali movie.  

Bonus Games Stage  

The standard gameplay will gradually be transitioned to the bonus game environment once the dynamic icons reveal any of the Bonus Icons on the slot reels. Followed are the descriptions of the Bonus games which the user will play. 

Bonus Game 1  

Bonus game one will celebrate the warrior aspect of the Cash War slot game. Once the Mask (dynamic Icon) reveals "Mahishmati's Flag symbol," the whole slot frame will be covered with Mahishmati's animated huge flag, giving a sense to the players that something big is about to happen.  

This bonus game will have a fortune wheel with a certain number of sub-sections, with certain rewards in each sub-sections. The rewards in these subsections will comprise mainly either some game tokens & some sweeps tokens. The player will spin the bonus wheel 3 times a time. Out of these 3-bonus wheel spins, the player will get a combination of game tokens or sweep tokens. Some visual effects might give a sense of clash between Baahubali & Ballal Dev.  

Bonus Game 2   

Game Play Bonus game 2 will celebrate the Romanticism side of the Baahubali slot game. Once the Mask (dynamic Icon) reveals the "Devasena" icon, the whole slot frame will be covered with a beautiful animated butterfly, giving a sense to the players that something is about to happen.  

After a while, this whole butterfly will transform into many flying small butterflies, ultimately giving way to the second bonus game, which may look somewhat like the reference below. In this bonus game, 5 or 6 animated wild boars in a green cornfield will move in separate lanes from left to right or right to left. At the lower-left corner of the screen, there will be a bow & arrow available. The player will have to shoot those moving boars with the arrows & they will be given five chances to do the same. Each time a player hits a boar, they will be rewarded with a certain number of tokens. After a boar is hit with an arrow, there will be an animation converting the boar into a treasure box, revealing the number of game tokens within it. 

Bonus Game 3  

There will be a third bonus game based on the clash between the two main characters of the Baahubali game, i.e., Baahubali & Ballal Dev. This bonus game will be triggered once the 3 or more dynamic symbols give way to Bonus symbol 3 l 3 i.e., Mahishmati's Crown icon. In this clash, only one of the characters (Baahubali & Ballal Dev) can be a winner, but whoever wins this clash the player will always be a winner. The clash-based feature game will look something like the reference given below. 

Amazing Facts  

  • Bahubali is one of the most expensive movies in the history of Indian Cinemas with an approx. budget of Rs 250 Crores. Moreover, the movie has been released on more than 4000 screens across the globe.  
  • The movie has over 4500 VFX shots which are the highest for any Indian film. 
  • Reports suggest that the movie is released in around 15 languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, English, French, Chinese & Japanese. 
  • Bahubali is the only movie on BBC's Documentary on 100 years of Bollywood. The movie became the first to be a part of the documentary before its release.  
  • Around 800 People worked on the Art & Design and several VFX Shots in the movie. 
  • The actor in the movie Prabhas & Rana, under the direction of Director Rajamouli, had to gain weight and surpass 100 Kilograms each, which they achieved after months of training and extreme workouts. 
  • There was a completely strict diet plan for the leads of the movie Prabhas & Rana. As they had to gain weight, they had to go for 6-7 meals a day, and every meal included Rice & Non-vegetarian food. 
  • The movie even broke the record for building sets. Usually, the sets in the movies are 24 feet high but to achieve perfect flawless shots, the Director decided to surpass the limit and build the group to about 40-45 foot high. 
  • Movie Lead Prabhas had to go for 40 boiled eggs in his breakfast on his high calorie diet.  
  • The movie was shot for around 400 days. 

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